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Permillage Consciousness

Consciousness that occurs after drinking alcohol

Originally awareness

People have a natural innate power over himself, and we call this power of consciousness. In this case, conscious knowledge of the first kind. This knowledge relates to the private feelings. That should Thales of Milite, (624 BC) the first scientist in western history, also felt, because when she asked, "what can we know?" He said, "Know thyself". The "self" is primary irritation and as such the proton body experience as consciousness. The proton-body experiences itself in consciousness as individuüm and because incentives are not known in advance may be individuüm is also a superposition from nothing and nowhere. Proto Body refers to internal skills are reflected in what we have come to call the homeostasis and represents an automatic regulation of temperature occur, the oxygen, the pH in the body and internal chemistry. The experience of homeostasis can be regarded as core consciousness.

Preliminary determination permillage awareness

We drink alcohol, then we sort of half consciousness because the core consciousness changed because the anesthetic by alcohol, changing the internal chemistry and the loss of experience with the stationary homeostasis. Consciousness is thus an upward spin which we land, situated in the homeostasis, lose. The subject, alcohol user, thereby changing the hands of the matter internally alcohol. The essence of this change lies in the fact that the natural experience of the self, artificially influenced by something. The impact of alcohol on the body takes a different shape in the one body: the subject. We denote the difference with: sober versus drunk. The body can be both natural (sober), but are also influenced artificially (drunk). Through the experience we drank a subject change. This mood has implications not only for the subject, it also had philosophical consequences and engages deeply, even in scientific understanding. Subject, in terms of substance, it would be essential core of the thing, that which remains under varying conditions. This is no longer after consuming alcohol, because the subject is indeed changing. The effect of this change is a conscious state of search, which is determined by external causes. The primary consciousness is a secondary consciousness. And after the drink, the secondary primary consciousness. The subject thus veiled herself. This awareness that alcohol determined is called permillage consciousness.

The "know thyself" is in fact transformed to "know the other." The object of consciousness is no longer nature (know thyself) but culture (do not know the other). This corresponds to an anesthetic and an enormous communicative anxiety no longer feeling dizzy and fall to the power of intoxication. This alcohol culture was initiated by Noah in the Bible is seen as the first vineyard builder, but also as "the father of all nations". According to the Biblical timeline, Noah in 2990 BC. born and the Flood had the same source position in 2390 BC. Noah after the Flood cultivated for the first time the vine for alcohol production. BAC and spreading awareness is about four to five thousand years old. Because Noah is the father of all peoples and the alcohol culture after it spread, alcohol is genetically determined in their offspring. (See the history of alcohol) after Noah Scripture should therefore assumes that data to be studied. Alcohol was then used and produced mainly by priests, kings and their servants writing by commanders, directors and philosophers. But because alcohol volatilized nature, which is fundamental to the organism is distinguished from nature, the impact is also a condition of possibility of metaphysics proved. Created man with alcohol two worlds, because loss of the primary stimulation (homeostasis) was something like the supernatural, and thus became separated the stimulation of the "normal" life and "higher" which is characterized by terms that a general would indicate.

Universality means that difference, which is proper to nature, is lifted. Universality (Lat: universality) in mathematics and logic means that a property for all elements of a collection is. Alcohol has thus left its mark on the life of man, but mostly in college, because the people of the effects on the subject neglected them. This is most clearly highlighted in Aristotle. Through him, the question whether we have one or two sciences have. In the book he says Gamma: There is a science of what is in that it is. This he wanted to separate the science from all the special sciences, covering only part of what is cover. Other hand, Aristotle also talks about the first philosophy, which deals with the highest being, "being" which consists of pure forms. Aristotle seems to smoothly from one idea to another proceeding. This mood he must have learned in the school of Plato, where during the symposia (binge) drinking had normalized. They saw no problem in that time the phenomenon of mood that the world is opdeelde in the lower and higher. This problem does not engage and advance the practice of the drunkard, however, has led to what is now known as: the Seine vergessen Heit. (This issue is discussed later.) When excluding alcohol and the emergence of metaphysics was the creation of a Divinity (higher) are possible with God and a speculative world. Parmenides (540 BC) has shown how this came about. He dropped into a poem with a team of horses high above the cities of men led away to the heavens (read alcohol intoxication), for there through the laws of a Goddess "knowledge" to get. Knowledge was thus possible to: identify with not identical. The poem consists mainly of what the goddess had to say. The content of the poem he let go of the people to show them that their "everyday life and thinking was limited". He said the thoughts and opinions of ordinary people against the "Aletheia", the Greek word for "truth". We see in fact, using the term "truth" the origin of "science" but also a practice of scientists to express thoughts and opinions of "ordinary" people to offend.

Parmenides taught that the Aletheia everything came to light that for ordinary people (read sober people) remained hidden. But this contradiction is only can be realized because he was drunk and not the common people. The common people had to be working. Alcohol was reserved for the elite and Parmenides belonged to that elite. This we know what to Parmenides 'the man' was, as "the narrow view of our daily life was broken." The stimulatory effect of alcohol which is caused by increases in extracellular dopamine concentration in mesolimbic circuits, but also to increases in extracellular noradrenaline levels contribute to this effect. From these effects on his body, gave to Parmenides: "mean that the limited minds of ordinary people did not have the ability to see that it is not present today." He simulated this that the ordinary man did not know if he was lying (present) it was not on horseback (not present). The horse was after all not-present in the bedroom, lying in bed for the man. He defended himself by saying that he was not present another meant. We now know that the alcohol drinker has made it a habit to depart from reality while still stays. In other words, Parmenides went out of the sphere. Of testified his poem. Because in everyday life we ​​usually know very well apart what's around us comes up and what not. A team of horses in the sky towards a goddess of the last example. Parmenides is, however, to both (the present and not present) to see and mentions that power: Spirit. This may also explain why seen "spirit" since ancient times has a double meaning of both Spirit and Alcohol. Think of our current understanding of what spirituality in the broadest sense of the word indicating things of the Spirit.

The term Spirit, who first appears in Parmenides, we created a story around which European culture has since been reversed. This meant, however, that the world of laws and principles, ideas and causalities, statements and evidence could be externally by speculation of people, drunk people, that is. All this was achieved be because Parmenides had said that perception of the Spirit (alcohol intoxication) "does not happen with our physical eyes, but that it is a perception, a seeing in the broader sense (psychosis), which is an open one are present and what takes place, which also limited by the everyday sense, not presence, are not there. " This has later been greater consequences, as in Plato (an alcoholic from 427 BC) the difference between body and mind was fundamental. To the body interacts with its environment close he did not much value. He went so far that in his drunkenness also a soul perceived in the body besides the experiential homeostasis his work. Alcohol was a life of its own. In "The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato, we recognize the entrance to an alcohol drinker makes when he gets drunk. Thus we know that he's soul the active substance provided alcohol Sets the phenomenon of drunkenness legitimized in the "know". These and similar views were not just a product of phantasm due to alcohol, but also constituted the idea of intellect which God had given specially to the people. Dionysos (the god of wine) was even officially admitted to the oracle of Delphi. Let us return to "know yourself", it turns out "God" as a vehicle of the Spirit, in the ground to be nothing other than a synonym for the effects of alcohol, the other in the body of man.

Because Spirit (read: the effect of alcohol) was seen as a hypothetical supernatural entity, who also by believers (read: alcohol lovers) was considered the first cause (the "first cause") of the universe, consider alcoholics are also the experts of the universe. Drunks have therefore, about 2500 years, the man kept that "unity" was rather different, "infinity" instead of finitude, "truth" instead of chance and "identity" rather than quantity. But they did so only to himself and the other to impress the 'brains'. By the intellect to elevate the elite mainly because they can enrich the "master morality" preached of "holiness" and "science". The "normal" person has to submit to the power of the "isms" that physical force will often were. Even the idea of ​​militarism has such power. (On the aggression factor, derived from alcohol is later due attention) Nature surrounds himself with no enemy weapons and does not continue. The aggression, however, peculiar to the alcoholic, from which Judaism and Christianity governs Western culture, focuses on the self-affirmation of the individual. Even the Enlightenment, an independent human mind, and laid it against the will to power of a priestly class science and people who had been entrenched in fixed proportions. The Liberals, a new elite and supporters of the wine god Liber, joined seamlessly into the world of ideas and fantasies of their predecessors. They differ only by their commitment to common people of alcohol with which modern slaves slaves.

In the history occurring in the symbol of tyranny related to alcohol is clear that nothing happened then converting alcohol in mind and spirit into matter. Man has until the end of the nineteenth century must wait for the Savior to this condition ended. Nietzsche, a philosopher who was very critical of alcohol, showed how petty the intellect is compared to the power of nature. God is dead, he could preach as he had seen that only one glass of spirits living in a vale of tears could have changed. According to him, the man also failed to penetrate to the essence of nature, "because man is the principle of deference (the difference) that nature is based on the axiomatic method (an unproven, but if base shared view), is ignored in creating concepts. Through the medium of language and truth on top anthropomorphic, he claimed and therefore truth "of a total human relations" but not truth itself. (Based on the development of the Semitic languages, we will later show how their own grammatical particular relationship logic, the quasi-coherence of "intellectual" judgment actions, a "natural connection" could produce.) The revocation, however, the created and produced intellect makes Nietzsche vividly as he distributed at "innumerable solar systems in which one of the celestial bodies 'intelligent animals' invented knowing." Nietzsche makes us realize that this knowledge was just a burp and he adds that if the "intellect" has resolved "by the giant solar system will not be missed." The alcoholic is thus exposed as Nietzsche does not only see their rule, he also shows that the fifth dementia (alcohol), after earth, fire, water and air, the body ideologically blinded, and he compares the culture of barbarism with glare. (The impact will be further discussed) The BAC is a fact of consciousness.

We have in this "temporary provision BAC consciousness" the effects of alcohol and we see emerging a few lines off and produced side effects and concepts discussed. Drinking alcohol was the basic method of science in that, "the limited vision of our daily lives has been broken". The alcohol psychosis, a tragedy could be reactionary in that it involves a change of actual abuses stopped. What science has brought mankind? To what extent science has really contributed to the happiness and wellbeing? To view a real answer, we encounters (non-moral) to get rid of the current human permillage consciousness. Therefore we have the veil of a decorative can look beyond culture, because the ideas as they are produced and cultivated, hide a lack of realism because the rule of the alcohol industry will not budge remember. The slave determines the world. This inability has led to a societal structure drift, which yields 2.5 million deaths each year. We do not see that this is only directly alcohol-related deaths and not all deaths caused by the BAC awareness and overall submission, then we continue the fatal nature of consciousness permillage legitimize and normalize.

Below we examine how alcohol since the Great Flood and Noah's drunkenness man has been in the grip. We go back in history to the moment where Noah, "the father of all nations", was drunk. But before we do that we ask ourselves the question first: What is an alcoholic?

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